Holistic network security built in to your infrastructure helps your business quickly respond to emerging threats and collaborate with confidence.

From collaboration technologies that help speed productivity to virtualization and cloud computing that can trim costs, your business is constantly changing - and consequently facing new security challenges. You need to protect company data everywhere, whether staff members work from a conference room, from home, or from a customer's office.

SIT Cisco's expertise in securing enterprise architectures helps you combine collaboration with protection. Take full advantage of Cisco's pervasive security solutions to protect people, information, applications, and the network:

A broad security product line, from hardware appliances and software to security-as-a-service to risk assessment services, so your company can find a solution that is just right for your needs

Increased visibility into your overall infrastructure so you can proactively protect applications, computers, your network, and even physical locations

Comprehensive security intelligence, sophisticated threat correlation, and automated response, so you can be confident that your business is protected from new and emerging threats.

Use your network to unify communication and collaboration while transparently implementing access and security safeguards. With Cisco, you can unleash your company's productivity with the confidence that you are minimizing IT security risk.


Radware Security Solution

Radware's family of security solutions provide integrated application and network security and security tool management to enhance best of breed, multi-layered security architectures.

Based on adaptive behavioral-based and signature based technologies the solutions provide organizations with integrated intrusion prevention and Denial of Service (DoS) protection. These defend against both network- and application-level attacks, delivering a holistic approach to application- and network-level threats, while enhancing the overall performance of security across the organization.

Radware's security management also optimizes operations across all combined security tools.

As methods of attack increase in frequency, sophistication, and severity, application security solutions need to rise to meet and surpass these threats. Today's enterprise network security demands forward-thinking application security management, and Radware's dynamic real-time security solutions provide the necessary level of defense for today's application security needs, and tomorrow's challenges.


FortiGate Security Solution

FortiGate appliances provide cost-effective, comprehensive protection against network, content, and application-level threats - including complex attacks favored by cyber criminals - without degrading network availability and uptime. FortiGate platforms incorporate sophisticated networking features, such as high availability (active/active, active/passive) for maximum network uptime, and virtual domain capabilities to separate various networks requiring different security policies.

  • Firewall, VPN, and Traffic Shaping
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Antivirus/Antispyware/Antimalware
  • Web Filtering
  • Antispam
  • Application Control (e.g., IM and P2P)
  • VoIP Support (H.323. and SCCP)
  • Layer 2/3 routing
  • Multiple redundant WAN interface options

1st OPT=IP telephony is gaining popularity while traditional private branch exchange (PBX) and key systems are in decline. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) exceeding 35 percent, IP PBXs are projected to exceed one-half of all PBX line shipments by 20041. The increase in IP PBX deployments is influencing the carrier VoIP network market. For example, by 2005, enterprise VoIP traffic will exceed both wholesale and consumer markets in terms of total minutes2. This explosion in enterprise demand for IP telephony deployments creates an incentive and opportunity for service providers to implement VoIP technologies at both the customer edge and within their network core.

The surging rate of adoption of IP telephony in the enterprise is primarily attributable to two reasons. IP telephony increases productivity by enabling new converged voice and data applications such as corporate directory, unified messaging, IP call-center applications, and extension mobility.

Cost reduction is the second important driver. In a Meta Group survey, more than 70 percent of enterprise customers said they expected that converging their voice and data networks would enable them to realize moderate to substantial savings. Specifically, customers indicated that IP telephony reduces costs by:

  • Enabling inter-site toll bypass
  • Consolidating previously separate WAN links and wiring for voice and data
  • Simplifying moves, adds, and changes
  • Increasing the ease of remote site support
  • Reducing real-estate costs by making it possible for more employees to telecommute

2nd OPT=The leader in IP telephony, Cisco offers a complete end-to-end solution that enables service providers to profitably deploy business voice services. Cisco offers service providers the following advantages:

  • Market leadership in enterprise converged networking — More enterprise customers have built their LAN networks with equipment from Cisco than from any other vendor. These existing Cisco customers can easily upgrade their LAN infrastructures to support IP telephony. Synergy Research reports that Cisco is first in worldwide IP phone and LAN telephony revenue, and Infotech ranks Cisco CallManager as first in IP PBX shipments. Therefore, service providers that deploy the Cisco SP Business Voice Solution gain access to the largest available market—not only for business voice services, but also for other high-margin managed voice and data services that can be deployed on the same infrastructure.
  • Technology leadership — The Cisco SP Business Voice Solution offers an unmatched feature set, scalability and high availability, and legacy TDM and IP interworking—and complies with open standards. Service providers can base their managed service offerings on a platform that helps them remain competitive. Cisco has deployed the largest and most complex VoIP networks in the world at more than 6,000 customer sites over the past five years. And Cisco has deployed IP communications internally to its global workforce of 35,000 employees.
  • Reduced risk — The Cisco SP Business Voice Solution was explicitly designed to reduce risk. Business voice solutions:
    • are delivered via a tested and validated combination of Cisco AVVID IP telephony solutions, service provider carrier-class packet voice products and solutions, and Cisco Ecosystem Program partners
    • provide a greater return on CapEx than traditional TDM voice services; several revenue-generating, enhanced services can be deployed on a common IP network infrastructure
  • Commitment to managed services — Cisco has gained invaluable experience and expertise by offering IP telephony and converged services to enterprise customers. Now Cisco is using its unique knowledge base to create new revenue opportunities for its service provider partners.
  • Ready access to skilled resources — Cisco's extensive sales and support staff and its reseller channel for converged voice and data solutions give service providers access to an unparalleled skilled resource base for accelerated market penetration. Cisco IP telephony reseller partners can help the service provider extend its sales reach, and also support the installation and configuration of the service provider's business voice services.
  • Comprehensive product portfolio — Service providers that choose Cisco can work with a single source to obtain all necessary enterprise and carrier network solution components.
  • Proven solution — Cisco has validated the capability and performance of the SP Business Voice Solution with multiple service provider partners—not just in the lab

State-of-the-Art Contact Center Capabilities

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise delivers intelligent contact routing, call treatment, network-to-desktop computer telephony integration (CTI), and multi-channel contact management over an IP infrastructure. It combines multi-channel automatic call distributor (ACD) functionality with IP telephony in a unified solution, enabling your company to rapidly deploy a distributed contact center infrastructure.


Voice Solutions

We are providing Voice Solutions with IP Phones and Call Manager.

Data network is a set of computers or devices connected to each other with the ability to exchange data from one point to one or more points (multipoint). Data networks may be composed of a variety of communication systems such as, circuit switches, leased lines and packet switching networks.

Data networking is a major and a complex part of the IT industry and almost all parts of the communication sector. Data networks could be categorized in to three major groups according to their geographical span.

  • Local Area Network (LAN)

A network covering a small geographical area, like a home, office, or small group of buildings, such as a school.

  • Metropolitan Area Network(MAN)

A network that connects two or more local area networks or campus area networks together but does not extend beyond the boundaries of the immediate city.

  • Wide Area Network (WAN)

A computer network that covers a broad area (network whose communications links cross metropolitan, regional, or national boundaries).


Data Networking Devices

All data networks are built upon a hardware infrastructure which ensures a seamless end to end connectivity. These hardware devices could be composed of Network Interface Cards (NIC), Switches, Access Points, Routers and Firewalls. SIT has a good track record in installing, configuring and maintaining many customer networks which consists of a larger number networking devices. We also have been able to build a good image in the Sri Lankan business sector for our 24 hour services as well as strong island wide customer support.


Network Communication Media

As all the above mentioned networking hardware needs to be interconnected with high availability, networking media such as twisted pair cable, coaxial, optical fiber, power line or wireless links are deployed after considering some of the deciding factors (bandwidth requirement and environmental constraints etc..).

The devices in a data network could be placed in the same room or in different far away countries and still be connected without a problem as a result of these networking media. SIT is also involved in all the above mentioned data communication media, termination and connectivity projects and have successfully completed many projects with major companies in Sri Lanka.

Transform your business through the power of collaboration. The SIT Motion vision is designed to help you connect devices, people, business processes, and networks to transition to a borderless enterprise.

Five important areas to help you put collaboration in motion over high-performance wireless networks:

  • Facilitating highly secure connectivity across the broadest range of wireless devices
  • Developing a flexible, scalable, efficient, and high-performance wireless infrastructure
  • Transforming business processes through innovative mobility solutions and applications that use network intelligence
  • Building a best-in-class ecosystem of solution partners
  • Offering convenient professional services for easy design and implementation

Your organization can put collaboration in motion to build a competitive advantage, increase productivity, and take customer relationships to the next level. SIT offers a full range of wired and wireless solutions to help your business thrive.

From maximizing productivity to ensuring business continuity when disaster strikes, enterprises require uninterrupted access to Web sites, data centers, remote locations and the Internet. LinkProof is a multi-WAN load balancer that lets you maximizes the effectiveness of your WAN by bypassing bottlenecks and service-provider outages, managing bandwidth consumption, and letting you decide which links are used for which applications and when

LinkProof is the only on demand solution that lets you effortlessly add, manage and load-balance multiple ISP connections while you mix-and-match VPNs or private and public links for back-up or in response to growing bandwidth needs.

Through its "add-links-as-you-grow" approach, LinkProof easily allows adding new links to the existing connectivity solution as you grow your business, with no downtime, ISP involvement or platform replacement. LinkProof provides the flexibility to build a best-of-breed WAN connectivity solution that keeps costs down and keeps customers and users always connected to business-critical applications and Web sites. It provides a broad multi-WAN load balancing offering which is designed to cater to any market need, from the small branch office all the way up to the large enterprise.

The AppDirector™ intelligent application delivery controller (ADC) enhances the delivery of applications over IP networks by bridging the gap between applications and the networks.

Radware combined its next-generation, OnDemand Switch multi-gigabit hardware platform with the powerful capabilities of the company's APSolute™ operating system "classifier" and "flow management" engine. The result – AppDirector – enables accelerated application performance; local and global server availability; and application security and infrastructure scalability for fast, reliable and secure delivery of applications over IP networks.

By optimizing server infrastructure resources and enabling seamless consolidation and high scalability, AppDirector drives productivity and return on investment. In addition, AppDirector expands the comprehensive set of application acceleration, optimization and security services provided by Radware's Application Delivery (ADC) solution.

AppDirector uses advanced Layer 4-7 policies and granular application intelligence for end-to-end business-smart networking. AppDirector aligns server infrastructure operations with application front end requirements to eliminate.

  • Traffic surges
  • Server bottlenecks
  • Connectivity disconnects
  • Downtime

This assures application access, full application continuity and redundancy. AppDirector enables fine tuning of network behavior based on granular application-specific classification of packets to optimize traffic flows for a wide range of enterprise applications such as BEA, Citrix, Oracle, SAP and other web-based applications including support for VoIP, streaming media and secure LDAP applications.

In order to limit surges generated by lightning to an acceptable level for equipment and installations, the most efficient solution is setting up a protection device against these surges, called « SPD » (Surge Protective Devices) on AC power or communication networks of the installation to protect.

Pretty much wherever electronic equipment requires surge protection, we can supply a solution. Whether surge protection is required for AC power, telecom, networks, medical, aerial or wireless applications, we can help.

SIT is the distributor for Patton Electronics in Sri Lanka. Patton is a leader in the production of network access and connectivity products including, Voice over IP (VoIP), G.SHDSL ipDSLAMs, broadband transmission, dial-up (V.90) and dedicated (xDSL) access servers, network termination units (NTUs), base-band and short-range modems, fiber-optic modems, interface converters and surge protectors.

We provide state of-the-art LAN implementation based on fast Ethernet, Giga Ethernet, L2 and L3 switching, Single and Multimode Fiber Optics, UTP CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 structured cabling, Raw power, UPS electrical cabling and Telephone cabling.

Fast, reliable communication is the key to success for every type of business. Internal communications are just as important as communications with customers, suppliers and business partners. Local Area Networks (LAN) puts information on your employees' desktops and builds teamwork.

In today's globalized world, deployment of a high performance and scalable IT infrastructure is key for any organization. For ultimate IT scalability, flexibility and performance, SIT offers a complete range of IBM servers integrating both the most advanced and robust technologies.

SIT has an in-depth knowledge of IBM & EMC storage technologies with strong integration capabilities, to offer uniquely robust and inter-operable storage infrastructures, including SAN, NAS, disk storage systems, storage management and back-up solutions.

We provide Thin Client solutions to our customers to gain Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) benefits. We strongly believe this will have great benefits to our customers in administration, virus issues, minimal power consumption, data security, data centralization and so on. We have a vast experience in Citrix and Microsoft Windows 2003/2007 terminal server implementations.

Citrix MetaFrame and Microsoft Terminal Services technology help lower the cost of Information Technology ownership and deliver secure application access to any device via any connection at anytime.

Lenovo Personal Computers

Lenovo is one of the world's largest makers of personal computers, formed by Lenovo Group by its acquisition of the former IBM Personal Computing Division.

SIT provides businesses and consumers with smarter ways to be productive and competitive and to enhance their personal lives with Lenovo Personal Computers.


HP Personal Computers

Thinking about how technology and services can help people and companies address their problems and challenges, and realize their possibilities, aspirations and dreams we had partnered with HP as a Authorized Channel Partner. HP is a technology company that operates in more than 170 countries around the world. And no other company offers as complete a technology product portfolio as HP.

SIT is delivering open and flexible middleware and secure management software needed to build new-generation IT architectures.

SIT software solutions include: Microsoft-based solutions, with a close partnership with Microsoft/ Linux and open source based solutions for building mission-critical infrastructures.

SIT delivers back-up power protection solutions from desktop to data center with industry leading UPS systems. Considering the industry requirement we manufacturing and distributing reliable UPS, call Trigger.

We have always been committed to offering customers the most outstanding range of products, services and applications to meet the growing demands of customer's printing and imaging requirements such as Dot-matrix, Inkjet, Monochrome and Color Laser , printing solutions as well as high resolution scanning requirements.