Often, business owners, administrators and executives are worn out by the hassle of managing IT. After all, your job is running the business, not worrying about network performance. Why not leave it to the experts at SIT? With us, you get all the benefits of your own IT department at a fraction of the cost.

Our outsourcing solutions are varied according to the specific requirements of each customer by understanding their specific demands with the technological breadth that gives our customers the exact capabilities beyond traditional boundaries. Our customers could select one of the following services we offer.

  • Technical support help desk services
  • Local Area Network (LAN) management
  • Server & system management services
  • Systems security, Antivirus and Firewall solutions
  • Data storage operation & management
  • Operation & management of Disaster Recovery Sites
  • New PC installations and setup
  • System and standard application software troubleshooting
  • Hardware / system software installation upgrades
  • Preventive maintenance of all hardware items

Also we offer end-to-end consulting, management, and deployment services to guide your company through product and vendor selection, contract negotiations, deployment and management processes to ensure that your company gets the best performance, reliability and value.

For new customers and indeed existing customers, we provide excellent audit and testing services to assist in cataloguing the state of their existing installations. Customers then use this information to assist them in making decisions about network upgrades etc. It also gives them a picture of their network in terms of capacity and capability. We offer testing and auditing on networks comprising networks such as CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, Multimode Fiber Optic, Singlemode Fiber Optic, and Multicore Copper systems. We also provide Portable Appliance Testing which customers of our test & auditing services have found extremely useful.

Network Related Products

Holistic network security built in to your infrastructure helps your business quickly respond to emerging threats and collaborate with confidence.

From collaboration technologies that help speed productivity to virtualization and cloud computing that can trim costs, your business is constantly changing – and consequently facing new security challenges. You need to protect company data everywhere, whether staff members work from a conference room, from home, or from a customer’s office.

SIT Cisco’s expertise in securing enterprise architectures helps you combine collaboration with protection. Take full advantage of Cisco’s pervasive security solutions to protect people, information, applications, and the network:

  • A broad security product line, from hardware appliances and software to security-as-a-service to risk assessment services, so your company can find a solution that is just right for your needs
  • Increased visibility into your overall infrastructure so you can proactively protect applications, computers, your network and even physical locations
  • Comprehensive security intelligence, sophisticated threat correlation and automated response, so you can be confident that your business is protected from new and emerging threats.

Use your network to unify communication and collaboration while transparently implementing access and security safeguards. With Cisco, you can unleash your company’s productivity with the confidence that you are minimizing IT security risk.


PC, Printers and Other Related Products

Computer repair is the process of identifying, troubleshooting and resolving problems and issues in a faulty computer. Computer repair is a broad field encompassing many tools, techniques and procedures used to repair computer hardware, software or network / Internet problems.

Any abnormality in the integrated components of a computer can prove harmful to its performance and some general computer issues can be addressed without going for deep. Hence, our qualified technical team will assist you to get maximum performance of your PC.

Do you know your network router password? Do you know the network name of all your office computers? Do you know your ISP connection details, email server address etc, etc?.

If the answer is ‘No’, then an IT Audit from SIT may be just what you need.

One of the most common problems encountered when trying to troubleshoot and IT system – or indeed undertake routine tasks such as upgrading components or connecting a new computer to the office network, for example – is not having the necessary details to hand for the existing IT system in order to swiftly undertake the task. This has a problem of making the job twice as complex and twice as long and thus, more importantly, twice as expensive as it should be.

A routine connection of a new piece of IT kit to a network, for example, should
take a matter of minutes but if the router/hub connection details are not known, or the wireless router encryption key, then these may have to be reset and all the other computers and peripherals connected to them/it will need to be reconfigured accordingly which could take several hours.

Therefore, we offer a Business IT Audit service to prevent such problems as above occurring with your computer and IT systems and ensuring that when issues do arise, they can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently for a minimum of cost.

Our IT Audit includes:

  • Network router/hub access details
  • Terminal/computer network ‘names’
  • Computer & peripheral IP mapping
  • Terminal/computer log-on details
  • Exchange/server connection details
  • Email account server, user name and password details
  • Web domain name access details
  • Website FTP and control panel details

Once the Audit has been completed we will compile an IT Log for you which will detail all the relevant information pertaining to your computer and network system that will save you time and money in the future whenever you require IT work to be undertaken.